The 12 strand DNA Activation Can Change Your Life

The 12 strand DNA Activation stimulates on the personal level the DNA’s Silicate Matrix, which corresponds directly to the levels of identify, the chakra system, levels of the auric field, the Higher Body anatomy, the operations of the Kundalini energy and the formation of the Merkaba Vehicle. All of these aspects of the human design represent an intimately interwoven system of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Evolution that our sciences have yet to explore.

The DNA strands 1-3 will be/are/were brought into activation within the Hyperbornean /Polarian cyle, including the physical, emotional and mental bodies of the Incarnates. Futhermore, the strand 1-3 directly correspond to the 1st Hova Body, the Merkaba Field of Harmonic Universe 1, and the first of 3 Kundalini Spirals which are located at the base of the spine. They contain the memory and manifestation imprints of our incarnation experiences within the Time Cycles of the so called Harmonic Universe 1.

DNA 4-6 strands are/were/will be activated during the present and future Aryan, Archetypal and Angelic Minds of the Soul Matrix identify level. The 3 strands also correspond to the 2nd Hova Body. This 4-6 strand Phase contain the memory and manifestation imprints of our future-time manifestations in the Semi-etheric matter through the Soul Integration Process.

The DNA strands 7-9 are in direct correspondence with the auric and chakra level 7-9, which belong the the over soul matrix. The over soul is the house of the monadic mind, and located in the third Higher Body, which is called the Hova Body. The DNA strand 7-9 also correspond to the advanced Merkaba vehicle of Harmonic Universe-3, and the third Kundalini Spirals at the base of the spine, which contain the memory and manifestation imprint of our future-time manifestation in the Harmonic Universe 3. We are integrated in this process, as we fulfill the Over-Soul Integration.

DNA strands 10-12 correspond to chakras and auric level 10-12, Mahunta Phase Merkaba Vehicle of Harmonic Universe-4, to the 4th Kundalini Spiral in Earth’s core and Time Cycles of Harmonic Universe-4, which we will know as manifest experience in the Pre-matter liquid light Avatar Integration process to become fully Christed beings.

The whole 12 strand DNA Activation will allow us to transform our body from gross matter to a state of pre-matter density. At that point we shift our cognitive reality beyond time and space. It is a long journey indeed, but we cannot escape this evolutionary process, since it is written in our DNA. By now, we experience only a fraction, but we will assemble the rest, because this is our purpose.

Though all consciousness evolves within the multi-dimensional structure, the human organism is the only Earth species that possesses the full 12-strand DNA potential of the Silicate Matrix and its attributes of bodily transmutation for multi-dimensional evolution. Most genetic codes and morphogenetic field constructions rely upon death of the physical form and progressive rebirth into more higher evolved forms, for the evolution of consciousness. Presently the human genetic code operates in the same way due to mutation and distortions in the silicate Matrix. However, these genetic distortions can be progressively released from the human DNA imprint through realigning the morphogenetic field, upon which human genetic code back into its original form of the Silicate Matrix, thereby restoring the evolutionary potentials of humanities multi-dimensional heritage. Techniques like the 12 strand DNA activation serve to expedite the process of Soul, Over-Soul and Body merger, consciousness expansion and higher chakra and DNA activation. The activations also serve to rapidly restore the morphogenetic imprint for the Silicate Matrix.