The Self-Clearing & Protection Shield:

"With the power of the Universal Forces of Light, I release:

• all agreements nonaligned with the divine plan on all levels,
• conscious, subconscious, and super conscious,
• throughout all time and space, and with the power of the Universal Forces of Light I command:

• all those nonaligned with the divine plan
• of my entire being and life, including: all those influencing, having
• influenced or intending to influence
• me in any way, directly or indirectly:and all those shielding from, diverting of, or interfering with this command;
including: all beings, parasitic beings, psychic parasites,

• drug entities, thoughtforms, psychic mechanisms, psychic implants,
• cords, curses, spells, hexes, psychic-robots, limiters,
• any kind of black magic, psychotronic influences, cosmic evil,
• stimulation or evocation of my past harmful karma,
• anything appearing to be of the light but not really,
• intensification of my misaligned with the divine plan problems,
• control lines, subliminal and superliminal programing, intentions,
• vibrations, patterns, forces, energies,
• any of the above that are masquerading as my being,
• any of the above integrated with my being but not aligned
• with its divine plan, any of the above coming through other
• people or other beings or other objects toward me or other
• people or events in my life, any of the above that is timed to
• activate in the future, and anything else that is nonaligned with
• the divine plan, on any and/or all levels of existence,
• known and unknown or unnamed;

to release:

• from me and all beings and things
• and go into the level of the Light of the Spiritual Soul
• or into the level of the Divine Light
• or into the level of the Cosmic Light,

according to the Highest Good, now, and continuing for a week"!

Remember to do it at least every week. Set aside a day when you always do it, such as Sunday first thing or before bed. The Universal Forces of Light will align with your intention for a week at a time. You have to keep up the momentum and show them that you still want the protection and clearing, as they follow your free will.