Can We Ascend To Higher Dimensions With DNA Activation?

Clearly DNA Activation theories are out to the public. What was a couple of years ago a weird scenario for New Age groups is getting now real.
Basically, there is an unusual happening within and beyond it. Life constantly changes and we can’t stop it. What we have to do is go with its flow and ride with its changes. What we practiced now may not be an acceptable practice on the following years. Now, what is really happening? What will be the effect of DNA Activation?

The main reason is that we are about to jump on an evolution to the 4th or higher dimensions. Many people are aware about the prediction of Mayans that on December 21, 2012 our world phase is about to end and be changed by the next one, as it goes in a cycle which repeats every 5,000 years as of the beginning of time. It is a repeating cycle of evolution. There are also a number of religions, ethnics, and belief systems that points out that a major event will happen in the early part of this century that will change our way of living completely and forever.

It is indicated that part of this process is causing the acceleration we are encountering at this time, and will continue to experience at a higher pace until 2012, as we enter closer to the 4th dimension. Others perceived that the DNA Activation of dormant DNA strands will happen in this period, as part of our spiritual and physical evolutionary cycle.

As a spiritual awakening, or ascension to 4th dimensional living, the result will occur and will see the expansion of our 3-dimensional world into a completely new experience. This occurrence will result in a lighter physical body, higher mental and spiritual abilities, and connections to other dimensions. Another term for this is soul merger.

It is stated in the practical approach for DNA Activation that each of our DNA strands vibrate at a specific rate, and can be activated with specific frequencies, whether it will be by sounds that we can hear, sounds that we cannot hear or specific frequencies transmitted through devices or simply through the aid of Higher Beings. These frequencies are brought about by the universe at the moment, influencing our abilities, and speeding up our daily routine. Things that we never imagined will exist will suddenly become a reality. Abilities we know we don’t have will suddenly be present, and will change according to the energy patterns we already have.

Performing healing abilities, using telekinesis to move objects, seeing into different dimensions are some possibilities to happen. It may also result to communicating telepathically , and manifesting awesome and self-fulfilling outcomes. Our existing interests and soul journey are present to help us. Synapses that are new are forged in the brain to widen our area of reference as part of this process. Finally, formulating our own reality is possible.

As always skeptical mind may dismiss this whole theory of DNA Activation as ridiculous and utopist. However, skeptics and cynics should consider that there is another part of the mind they could also use, one that is not restricted by self-limiting beliefs.t is time now to implement DNA Activation, break free and open up to new possibilities and choices.

Don’t be afraid to believe in me. This is the time to enjoy life! We can compare the event playing right now as a melody of energy radiating through the universe, placing the octaves of life’s being in general in its highest level, and creating a major evolutionary shift of reality.

As it is said that once the cycle is complete, everything follows in perfect harmony, and the world will experience perfect symphony of life, in all its beauty. Always be prepared!